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Linda’s Resume


Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH                  B.A. Degree in Health Education                  major in History & minor in Phys. Ed. YMCA Women's Fitness Director 1972-1974 Master's Degree studies in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training


A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer A.C.E. Certified Senior Fitness Specialist I.D.E.A. fitness instructor

Personal Fitness Background

I began swimming at age three and competed in that sport from age five through twenty. In high school and college I participated in women's basketball and tennis. From 1985-1990 competed in women's bodybuilding, winning the Rocky Mountain States Overall Championship in 1985. Today I enjoy water activities, bicycling, showshoeing, tennis, weightlifting and kickboxing. Voted "Best Personal Trainer, 2000" by the Denver Post.

Training Experiance

In 1987 I began my personal fitness training business, Balance Enterprises. I have worked in many of the clubs in Denver over the years. My experience as a YMCA fitness director teaching Aerobics, water exercise, racquetball and strength training has given me a broad appreciation for all sorts of activities where both fitness and fun converge. For me, variety in the fitness routine is the key to a healthy, more balanced life. I enjoy working one-on-one with people in either the gym, home or office.

Training Philosophies

I like to help people find the fun in their quest for a healthier, more balanced life. It is very hard for people to be happy with their bodies. Habits we can change, working with genetics can be harder, mentally and physically. I enjoy helping clients achieve a healthier lifestyle, improve self esteem, and become better educated for a lifetime of healthier living.
Balancing your Health and Life